About Us

We are friends and family, and like everyone else we drink coffee, lots of it... as consumer trends continue to shift towards "faster and better", we also went from instant coffee to capsules*. 

Despite countless brands popping up every year, we noticed that many of them really had very average taste**, so we decided to experiment and see if we could reach that perfect cup from a simple capsule. We embarked on a journey to learn and truly understand what makes coffee so fascinating.

Fast forward two years of trial and error, research, and well... development, and VAUCLUSE was born: premium Arabica beans, sourced from specialty estates on three continents, served in nitrogen-flushed capsules for a perfect fresh cup of coffee, every time.

We launched our DAWN signature blend in August '21, and commercialised it in January'22. We intend to offer only five "permanent" blends, ever. We believe in variety, but we value character... In fact, we promise you that VAUCLUSE coffees will take you on a colourful journey from extraction to consumption: you will start by smelling freshly roasted tropical Arabica beans, move on to tasting centuries-old notes of the land where the first humans ever lived, and finish with aromas that sing "viva la vida" as you carry on with your now-sunny day.

We are delighted and honoured to share our passion for coffee with you, and sincerely thank you for being part of this amazing journey.

Team Vaucluse :)



* when and where baristas weren't around
** really being nice here